Each unit is linked to a client account and the sensor data is sent through to our centralized servers every 30 seconds. This data along with your client specific configurations are monitored by our in-house written software and appropriate actions are taken as and when required.

Clients can define custom alerts linked to temperature and humidity levels. When a sensor breaches the defined level an email notification is sent, when the sensor returns to within normal operating range a further notification is sent. This allows clients to take the appropriate action quickly and prevent potentially costly mistakes. 

Our platform, GrowTM, collects information from various sources, store it, analyze it and provide alerts, action and most importantly insights. Early detection, alerts and insight are key in mitigation of issues before the damage becomes a irreversible. GrowTM harness not only the power of IoT, but also advance algorithm developed by our team to help growers and operations make sense of the massive amount of information their crop generates to help reduce costs and increase yield.

We currently offer the following:

  • Readings
    • Temperature / Humidity / Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
  • Data Analysis Charts
    • Standard / Volatility / Scatter
  • Basic Analytics
    • Min / Max / 24hr Average
  • Advance Analytics
    • Temperature & Humidity forecasting
    • Room Performance Analysis
    • Deep dive data insights