theMinder comes with 2 sensors per unit:

  • Ambient Temperature & Relative Humidity
  • Waterproof Temperature
    • Monitor root zone temperature
    • Monitor reservoir temperature
    • Use as an additional ambient air temperature sensor

Providing 3 observed data points every 30 seconds which allows for a very granular view of fluctuations and changes in the environment. In addition to the 3 observed data points two additional measurements are calculated from these.

  • VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit)
  • Dew Point Temperature

theMinder requires a 5V 2Amp Micro USB power source, we recommend recycling old Android phone chargers (finally a way to empty that drawer of chargers).

theMinder is an IoT (Internet of Things) device which requires an always on internet enabled wifi connection to operate.

Price: £119.99 + P&P